Saturday, September 9, 2017

An Interview with Myself

So Jill, here are a few questions for you:

1. A lot of your posts are travel related. Where did your desire to travel come from?

One day when I was in grade 6, we opened up our social studies books and there was a picture of a very beautiful city - Prague. I had never seen anything like it and thought to myself, "I want to see that one day."

Twenty years later that dream came true and I haven't looked back. There is so much to see in our big, beautiful world -- and I want to see it all!

2. Are you happy with the progress of your blog?

Overall, yes. Do I wish I was caught up? Yes. Would I like to be crossing more things off my list? Definitely! Will I keep at it? Of course. I'm having a great time with this!

3. What is the best thing about having your blog?

The best thing is that, even though I'm not whizzing through my list and crossing things off left and right, I am getting some things done.

I remember a few years when I started making lists of things I wanted to do each summer... The long days and warm temperatures always flew by so quickly, and I hated feeling like I had missed out once fall rolled around each year. My lists were shorter and much simpler then. They included items such as go on a day trip, walk around both parts of Wascana Lake (the main loop and the more natural side), enjoy a picnic or BBQ, and so forth.

What I learned from making the short and simple "summer want-to-do" lists was that I actually did some of the things on my list before fall rolled around. It made me realize that, even if I only accomplished a few things on my list, I didn't feel like I had missed out on our short summer season. It was such a big help to me and it also made this much bigger goal of 40 things not only reasonable but also exciting!


Here's my challenge to you: Now that summer is fading and fall is right around the corner, what are some things you wished you would have done or made time for this summer that you can make a suggested to-do list from for next summer?

Time is precious... don't waste it!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I've been guest blogging again...

Guess what? I've written another guest blog post for Jenn Smith Nelson's website Travel & Happiness and it's up as of today!

Here's my latest... It's all about the Polar Bear Capital of the World!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Time flies!

Wow, am I behind! The last year has absolutely flown by as I've been working full-time again.

Although I'm a month behind on making any kind of resolution, here is my goal: to get my blog caught up again.

Stay tuned and keep checking back to find new and catch-up blog posts. I promise it will be worth it.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

#19 - Ride my bike in the city

Well, one plus of living just half a block from the bike path in northwest Regina is that I can go for a walk or bike ride just about any time I want to - without having to drive somewhere first!

Years ago a friend from church had given me a second-hand bike. It had sat and sat in my friend's shed. But this year, this was the summer of bike riding in the city!

I quite enjoyed my after work or early evening bike rides, but Saturday morning might have been my favourite time for a bike ride. The air was still cool, the path wasn't busy and I had all the time in the world to explore.

A couple of Saturdays this summer, I rode and rode and rode - about as far northwest as I could because there was a field on the other side of the street! Those remain my favourite bike riding memories.


Literally the end of the bike path at the northwest end of the city on Courtney Street. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jill Laycock: Guest Blogger!

Yes, you read that correctly... Today my first guest blog was posted!

So, how did this come about? Earlier this year, while scrolling through Facebook, I noticed a post by a local writer/blogger (Jenn Smith Nelson at Travel & Happiness). She was looking for potential guest bloggers to submit ideas and write posts this summer. I responded and, lo and behold, here is my first ever guest blog:

I'm pretty proud of it. What do you think?

Who knows? Maybe there's more to come...

Monday, May 23, 2016

#22 - Walk a portion of the Trans Canada Trail that I haven't been on before

Sometimes it's just nice to get out of the city, and that's exactly what Melinda and I did on the May long weekend.

After a brief stop at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, we headed to Moose Jaw. We shopped, we ate, we walked and we rested.

We stayed at Wakamow Heights Bed & Breakfast in the Wakamow Valley. I was in 7th Heaven because everywhere I looked lilac bushes were in bloom. I stopped and smelled my fill many times. Mmm...

The Trans Canada Trail skirted the area and, unlike a failed attempt to locate any part of the trail in Lumsden last fall, this time success was on our side. Our afternoon walk led us right to it - tada!

This portion of the Trans Canada Trail was easy and enjoyable to walk. 
Everywhere we looked there were great views!

On the trail with Melinda.

Finally... Success! And much enjoyed at that!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's 12/12/15 - the 3rd anniversary of my blog!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my blog! It's been a successful year of crossing things off my '40 Things & More' list. I think I'll celebrate by adding a few more items!

The '40 Things & More' List!

1. Go snowshoeing.
2. Serve a meal in a soup kitchen.
3. Eat something I've never tried before.
4. Visit a town in Saskatchewan that I've never been to before.
5. Plan my dream 40th birthday trip.
6. Start running again.
7. Visit a US state I haven't been to before.
8. Read a classic novel.
9. Create and complete a scrapbook for one of the trips I've taken in my 30s.
10. Do up a will.
11. Complete one of my cross-stitch projects.
12. Go kayaking.
13. Get my website business off the ground.
14. Take a self-defense class/course.
15. Go horseback riding.
16. Visit a museum or historic site in Saskatchewan that I haven't been to before.
17. Give blood regularly.
18. Attend a Victorian Tea.
19. Ride my bike in the city.
20. Stop and smell the flowers at a garden I haven't been to before.
21. Try an activity that's new to me.
22. Walk a portion of the Trans Canada Trail that I haven't been on before.
23. Learn more about my family history.
24. Visit a park in Regina I haven't been to before.
25. Participate in a fundraiser that involves a physical activity.
26. Simplify some area of my life that needs simplifying.
27. Learn how to change a tire on a vehicle.
28. Explore Regina's backyard - see what's just outside the city limits.
29. Learn more about Canadian history.
30. Visit a natural site in Saskatchewan I haven't been to before.
31. Learn to play something on my guitar.
32. Visit a Canadian National Park I haven't been to before.
33. Climb Wascana Hill in Douglas Park and watch a sunset.
34. Visit the observatory at the Science Centre.
35. Attend Mosaic - a multicultural festival held annually.
36. Play my first solo concert on the bells.
37. Attend an outdoor movie event.
38. Go fly a kite!
39. Play a mini golf course I haven't been on before.
40. Go on dream 40th birthday trip!
41. Attend a Regina Red Sox baseball game.
42. Visit Saskatchewan's only lighthouse.
43. Run a 5 km.
44. Visit the Great Sandhills in Saskatchewan.
45. Visit a Canadian province or territory I haven't been to before.
46. Attend the annual kite festival in Swift Current.

47. Visit a major US city I haven't been to before.
48. Watch a sunrise.
49. Try another activity that's new to me.

50. It's a surprise (even to me!) - I'll know it when the opportunity presents itself.
51. Take a ballroom dancing class.
52. Watch an old black & white movie I haven't seen before.
53. Experience a WARM birthday!
54. Experience a WARM Christmas! (not necessarily in the same year as the previous item)
55. Attend the annual Dickens' Village Festival in Carlyle.
56. See the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba.
57. Visit the east coast of Canada.
58. Jump out of an airplane! (in tandem, of course!)
59. Experience a 4th of July in the United States.
60. Visit a US National Park I haven't been to before.
61. Write a book.
62. Watch the Rose Bowl Parade in person.
63. Attend a spring training game.
64. Buy something at an auction.
65. Drive part of Route 66.
66. Attend the tulip festival in Ottawa.
67. See the Great Wall of China.
68. Visit Disneyland or Disneyworld.
69. See a lavender field in bloom.
70. Attend a ballet.